New Technology

The Customized Mechanical Keyboard

It’s durable, completely personalized, and, unlike standard keyboards, a joy to use.

Shadow of businessman spying on colleague using computer
How To Make Yourself Less Trackable Online
Targeted ads creeping you out? Same. Here’s how I keep the algorithm…
This Firehose Could Revolutionize Firefighting
By giving firefighters a virtually unlimited air supply—without the …
The Robot That Helped Battle the Notre Dame Blaze

Its name is Colossus, and it's a new breed of a firefighter.

Best Compact Digital Cameras
The Top 10 Compact Digital Cameras
These small but powerful point-and-shoots make travel photography ea…
Rebuilding History: How 21st-Century Tech Can Save Medieval Notre Dame

Meticulous laser scans will likely become vital in the years of rebuilding ahead.

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Five AIs Just Worked Together To Beat a Top Human Video Game Team

Startup OpenAI spent years developing an AI that could play the classic 5v5 game Dota 2.

As Notre Dame Smolders, France Promises to Rebuild

Reasons for the fire remain unclear but it could be related to renovation work.

Thermal Battery Holds 1.2 Megawatt-Hours of Energy in a 20-Foot Box

It could prove to be far more efficient than traditional lithium-ion alternatives.

Amazon's Greenworks Sale Arrives Just in Time for Spring

It's been a long winter. You're going to need the right tools to get your lawn back into shape.

Yes, You Can Make a Knife Out of Styrofoam

It just takes a few more steps than you might expect.

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bestsellter tower concept drawing
Why a 1,000-Foot Skyscraper Will Be Built in a Little Denmark Town

The Bestseller Tower will be seen from miles away, standing over a city of 7,000.

boston dynamics handle robot
Boston Dynamics New Robot Is a Warehouse Wizard

Not a robotic dog, but possibly just as scary.

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Watch a Ford GT Hit 300.4 MPH in One Mile

This car has set records at the Texas Mile before. But none with a '3' in the front.

High Angle View Of Modern Cityscape
A Friendship Turned to Rivalry. A Feud That Changed the New York Skyline.

How a rivalry and a dangerous feat of engineering brought a city to the clouds.

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