New Technology

An App Update Breaks Nike's $350 Self-Tying Shoes

A recent app update prevents users from tightening their laces, but Nike is working on a fix.

Google's Nest Devices Have Hidden Microphones
The company says its was an oversight, but it does little to stem pa…
Electricity Meter
The Electric Invention That Beat The Utilities

The story of U.S. Patent Number 7,460,931.

What Is Domino's Pizza-Spotting App Really for?

What is it really, ultimately, for?

New York Toy Fair 2019
The Best Toys of Toy Fair 2019

The raddest new toys coming this year.

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What's in the Green New Deal?

Can it really fight back climate change and move the U.S. to renewable energy?

Illuminated Flat Screen with Copy Space
The Best Computer Monitors When You Just Need More Screen

Sometimes a single screen just won't do. If you're looking to add a monitor to your computing setup, look no further.

Tesla Model 3 Gets "Sentry Mode" and "Dog Mode"

A 2019 version of the car alarm, pet-friendly climate control.

Google Is Bringing Android's Best Feature to the iPhone

There are fewer dealbreaking differences between Android and iOS than ever, but this is one of them.

algorithm photo html
Left to Their Own Devices, Pricing Algorithms Resort to Collusion

Two sample algorithms reached the same conclusion naturally: They should collude.

The Bose Augmented-Reality Sunglasses Are Awesome

The Bose Frames AR glasses actually work—and they don't look ridiculous.

gravity well energy vault
5 Bleeding-Edge Technologies the Green New Deal Needs To Succeed
The Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey is ambitious, which it must be if it's going to combat climate cha…
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New release for the highly anticipated iPhone 7
Why Would Apple Stick With the Lightning Port? Because It Can (and It Has to)

Rumors suggested the new iPhone might have a USB Type-C port, but it's not looking likely.

Refugees Running On Border Against Sky
Here's How the U.S. Did Border Security in 1925—And What It Can Tell Us About Today
Thousands of miles of sea and land frontier ceaselessly patrolled to keep out prohibited articles and collect duties (And a Few Photos!…
Federal Witness Protection Program Founder
How the Witness Protection Program Decides Where To Send People

Are witnesses ever relocated somewhere cool? Or just the middle of nowhere?

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Miami Police Erect DUI Checkpoints During Holiday Season
The NYPD Is Angry That Waze Is Warning People About Upcoming DWI Traps

The police force wants the driving app to stop giving a heads-up. No change is likely.

In 1997, We Seriously Thought the Internet Might Die. Here's Why.

Clogged up, bogged down, and gridlocked, the internet is in danger of collapsing under the weight of its own success.

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