Genius DIY Mod Resurrects Old Transistor Radios as Retro Bluetooth Speakers

I need one of these right now.


Old radios look awesome. There's no denying that the stark look of a lot of old transistors easily trumps the rubberized bluetooth speakers we're drowning in today. You can have the best of both worlds though, as Redditor illustrated ; you just have to turn an old radio into a Bluetooth speaker.

In , billyjole goes into the nitty gritty which basically involves gutting the whole speaker and building a new one inside it. He doesn't list his specific parts list, but another Redditor that total about $30, give or take. And when all is said and done, you get something a little like this:

It seems like a fun little electronics project if you know your way around Bluetooth receivers and a soldering iron but if you don't, where he sells the things from between $75 and $100. A fair bit more than your average Bluetooth speaker, but maybe worth the retro appeal. Then again, things are always the best when you make them yourself.


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