Hydrogen Powered Nerf Gun Is Dangerously Fast

Do not try this at home. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Google mechanical sneaker vr rollerskate drawing
Google's Latest VR Patent is Rollerskates

One idea on how to get a more versatile VR experience.

Pixel's 'Night Sight' Lets You See in The Dark

Low-light photography has never been easier. Or better.

Heated Workwear That Will Keep You Warm All Winter
From working outside, to hunting and tailgating, heated workwear war…
I'm Absolutely in Love With This Truck-Top Tent

Yes it costs a fortune, but boy is it ever a blast.

augmented reality doctor purdue
Battlefield Medics and Student Doctors Could Use Augmented Reality to Get Help From Faraway Surgeons

If there's an emergency, getting an expert's opinion could make the difference.

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US flag during celebrations
Here Is the Gadget to Blast the Stink Out of Your Shoes

Though don't count on being able to afford it.

StemRad Vest
A Simple Waistband Could Help Save First Responders From Gamma Radiation

StemRad's minimalist equipment protects more than it may appear to.

amazon echo
Amazon Alexa Device Caught Sending Private Conversations to Stranger

Amazon has investigated and claims "an extremely rare occurrence."

android smartwatch
Google Might Finally Make a Smartwatch

The company might try to reignite the nearly extinguished flame that is Android Wear.

The Best Watches Under $150

Because a great watch doesn't have to cost a great amount.

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The 20th Century Scarecrow That's Just a Shotgun in a Box

Hall's Patent Clock Gun was a ...unique solution to a common problem.

The Tool I Take Everywhere

Opener of hundreds of bottles.

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AmazonBasics Power Bank Recalled Over Chemical Burn Risk

If you've got one, you're entitled to a full refund.

geiger counter japan
The DIY Geiger Counter That United Scientists After Fukushima

The Safecast has revolutionized citizen-science.

Your Tool Collection Isn't Complete Without an Electronics Repair Kit

Shouldn't you be ready to disassemble any gadget you get your hands on?