30 Great Gifts for Father's Day 2018

What your old man wants this year.

Michael Stillwell

LEGO, cool tools, comfy socks, and great ways to keep a beer cold. What more could a dad ask for?

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Alpha Industries
Alpha Industries NASA Flight Jacket

If it's good enough for NASA pilots, it should be good enough to help dad keep warm in the colder months. This replica NASA jacket, adorned with a 100th Space Shuttle Mission patch, is made of a water-replant nylon satin shell and polyester interlining. If dad's a spaceflight junkie, jackets don't get much cooler than this.

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Off Grid Tools
Off Grid Tools Survival Axe

If your dad likes to go off the beaten path, then this survivalist axe is a do anything tool he needs—and we mean anything. This axe can do 31 different things with included tools like a glass breaker, pry bar, box cutter, hammer, and of course, a bottle opener.

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LEGO Saturn V Rocket

No way your old man won't have fun building this Apollo Saturn V LEGO rocket. It has more than 1,900 pieces that should keep anyone busy for quite some time, and the finished meter-high model (with removeable rocket stages) will make a great display piece for any space enthusiast. Naturally, the lunar lander and lunar orbiter are also included, along with three minifigures.

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Gerber Center-Drive Multitool

Gerber's Center-Drive solves the problem of the multitool screwdriver, where the bit sits off-center. This makes it awkward to twist and slower than a real screwdriver. Here, the tool bit is aligned on the central axis for the feel of a standard driver. Even better, it retains our favorite Gerber feature—a flick-of-the-wrist-opening pliers—and adds a 3 ¼-inch blade. It also comes in .

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Erstwhile Relief Map

Based on a map the U.S. Navy produced in 1976, this topographical map of the land and ocean floor is printed on Airtex canvas and is mounted on aged timber batons.

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Saga Press
Space Opera

Continuing the traditional of hilarious sci-fi à la Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the new novel Space Opera is a 304 pages of a fun-filled romp through the galaxy as a has-been glam rock musician must save the universe through a galactic song contest. With the tagline "in space, everyone can hear you sing," it's hard to resist.

And hey, maybe you can borrow it after your dad's given it a read.

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Leatherhead Football

Nothing says "dad" quite like a football, and this is one of the nicest ones you can buy. Made from genuine leather and stitched in the U.S., this is an heirloom ball that can be passed down generations—and you can start the tradition.

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iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit


The iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit is a great addition to your dad's junk drawer or toolbox. The kit comes with four small Philips heads and three tiny flatheads that you might find in a more pedestrian set of miniature tools, but the real handy parts are a pair of Pentalobe bits for getting into MacBooks, a trio of Torx Security bits for gadgets that are particularly keen on keeping you out, and some even weirder fare like a tri-point for getting into the iPhone 7.

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FITS Light Hiker Quarter

We've tried and love FITS' tiny running socks and large calf-hugging pairs, too. For the hiker, get these Light Hiker Quarter socks made of merino wool, which will cushion the feet on those long nature walks—and cut down odor, too.

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Makita Rechargable Coffee Maker

All the tools in the world don't help if you're barely awake. Luckily, Makita's combined its rechargeable battery tech with a coffee maker so you stay caffeinated throughout the day. Why leave your workbench when you don't have to?

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Dango Tactical Wallet + Multitool

It's exactly what you think—a wallet that's also a multitool. If your dad's constantly carrying a multitool or knife (and he probably should), then the Multitool Wallet seems like space-saving lifesaver. With room for 12 cards, cash, RFID blocking and a saw, knife, paracord tensioner, smartphone stand, nail pryer, and ruler, it's likely the most feature-packed wallet in such a slim frame.

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DJI Mavic Air

If you're looking for something the whole family can pitch in to buy for your dad, you won't find something as fun as DJI's Mavic Air drone. A marriage between DJI's entry level Spark and its more advanced Mavic Pro, this Mavic Air is the perfect drone for someone who just wants to have fun—but doesn't want to sacrifice quality in the process.

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Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
Ingenius Patents

From the first airplane patent granted to the Wright Brothers in 1906, to the original iPhone patent awarded to Steve Jobs and co., Ingenious Patents takes you through the history of the most significant inventions in history. Some patents, such as for barbed wire, represent a simple and clever innovation that had profound effects on everyday life, while others, such as the patent for GPS, outline technologies that have come to define our modern world.

A great gift for dads who love history and technology—you can read more about the patents in the book here.

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Yeti Rambler Colster

Warm beer is bad, we can agree on that. (Soda too.) That's why we like this Yeti Colster, which keeps our drinks crisp for hours. Made from stainless steel, the Colster is at home whether your dad's chilling at home or hitting up the backcountry.

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Jaybird X3 Headphones

There's no better gift to give than the freedom of never catching your headphone cord on a doorknob ever again. Jaybird's x3 Wireless buds are a great pick thanks to their grime-proof charging port, great sound quality, tangle-proof cord, and reasonable price. These buds will outlast a dozen pairs of wired ones and never get knotted up in a bag again.

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Chippewa Grenn Work Boot

A work boot’s work boot. The padded collar is easy on the Achilles, and designer Billy Lovell uses quadruple stitching to keep the Grenn strong until it achieves heirloom quality.

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Tavern Puzzle
Tavern Puzzle

Tavern puzzles have a rich history in the United States, and historic puzzles forged by blacksmiths of the past can still be found today. The goal is to remove one piece of the puzzle, usually a ring, and then to replace it on the puzzle in the starting position. It's hard to say exactly why these puzzles were created, but it's likely that forging a puzzle was a challenge given to apprentice blacksmiths to hone their skills at the forge.

Puzzle makers have been recreating these historic puzzles since 1982, forging each puzzle from rolled mild steel. They make dozens of great puzzles, from "basic" like to "complex" like . The puzzles have wonderful names, like , , and . They are a fun challenge for the whole family to take a crack at, and the hardest ones will drive even the most devoted puzzle-solvers crazy for days. Plus they look amazing , and you can have one just for pops.

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Akai LPK25 Midi Controller

Your musically-inclined dad probably already has an instrument of choice whether it's a guitar, or a drum kit, or a ukelele, but the Akai LPK25 Bluetooth Midi Controller is a great addition to any musician's arsenal. With wireless connectivity on Mac and iOS devices, this highly portable set of keys lets you set up a micro studio anywhere you can set down a laptop, which is great for a dad who's working on an album of Rush covers.

Alternatively, for just a few bucks more, you can opt for the legendary Akai MPK Mini MK2, with no wireless support, but drumpads and knobs to make turning up your sound that much easier.

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AWB OneSky 130

Being one of the best telescopes for beginners, the AWB OneSky 130 sends half of its proceeds to fund its namesake organization around the world. It also collapses down to travel-friendly size so it's not a burden to transport to your dad's favorite piece of nighttime sky.

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Whiskey Peaks
Whiskey Peaks Rocks Glasses

Raise a wee dram to Denali. To celebrate the centennial of America's national parks, this four-set features whiskey glasses that include topographic impressions of Denali, Half Dome, Mt. Whitney, and Mt. Rainier.

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Mindclash Games

s premise is delightfully mind-bending. A cataclysmic meteor is years away from destroying civilization, which you know because future scientists traveled back in time to tell you. Now, you're competing with up to three players to build the fortified society best able to withstand Armageddon. You'll do so in part by hazardously borrowing tools, genius minds, and rare minerals (even from the meteor itself!) from your future self within the game.

Be sure to check our 50 Best Board Games list for more board game ideas for Father's Day!

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Benchmade 560 Freek

Everyone needs a good pocket knife, even if they don't realize it. The Benchmade 560 Freek is a great place to start. With a textured Versaflex handle and reversible clip, it's great in the hand and pocket, and Benchmade's patented AXIS lock makes it frankly too much fun to open and close.

The CPM-S30V Stainless Steel blade with a drop-point tip is more than enough metal for any reasonable cutting job, and with a length of 3.6-inches, it's long enough to get serious work done, and short enough to be legal virtually everywhere in the U.S.

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Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

Weber's iGrill 2 is the most convenient way to keep an eye on the cooking temperature when your dad's at the grill. It comes with two temperature probes (and supports up to four) that you can easily monitor with the accompanying smartphone app, which includes a range of temperature presets for various dishes and the ability to customize your own.

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Native Union
Native Union BELT Cable

Not exactly your typical Father's Day present, but this Native Union BELT Cable is an ultra-strong braided cable that will far outlast your typical charging cable. Native Union makes cables for both iPhone and Android, so it doesn't matter what phone your dad is slinging nowadays, this is the best cable for the job.

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Timbuk2 Mission Sling

The Mission Sling by Timbuk2 is the perfect commuter bag (as long as you don't have to do lug around a laptop). Made from 100 percent nylon, the Mission Sling can roll open to accommodate a heavy load and pack tight when you're on the go. It's sling design makes it the perfect companion for any cyclist, but at the very least—it's much, much more stylish than a fanny pack.

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Dremel Rotary Tool

The Dremel rotary tool is capable of cutting, sanding, grinding, carving, and polishing all types of materials—a perfect addition to your dad's toolbox. They are lightweight and easy to use. Just keep the battery charged and add a box of accessories and you've got what it takes to handle any project.

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Nixon Regulus

Nixon makes a number of solid watches that fall well under the $200 mark, but the company’s new Regulus is a standout if durability is your top concern. It’s big and bulky, and as tough as it looks, with a stainless steel bezel and reinforced polycarbonate construction (among other ruggedized features).

The backlit LCD also provides easy visibility for the watch’s various features, including dual time, dual chronographs, and a countdown timer.

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ENO DoubleNest

The greatest gift you can give dad is the gift of relaxation, whether in the backyard or in the backcountry. That's where the DoubleNest comes in. Built for the outdoors, this hammock backs down in 5x5-inch dimensions and you can choose from 45 different color combinations. Yes, 45.

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Woolrich Americana Jacquard Wool Blanket

Woolrich makes some of the best blankets around, and this one just screams America. This 46x70-inch blanket is made from 95 percent wool and 5 percent nylon, so it can definitely keep your pops warm. More likely than not, this will be the best blanket your dad's ever owned.

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Gosling's Family Reserve Old Rum

Any bar worth its salt should be stocked with Gosling's typical Black Seal rum, as everyone loves a dark and stormy. For a Father's Day treat, elevate your dad's palette with the brand's , which is barrel-aged longer for a rich, dark taste that's perfect for sipping. Even if your old man is more of a whiskey guy, he'll get the "toes-in-the-Bermuda-sand" feeling in no time.

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