Infrastructure & Transportation

'Sun in a Box' Could Replace Batteries on the Grid

By storing energy at scalding-hot temperatures, solar could be made more viable for everyone.

amazon warehouse new jersey
Bear Spray Hospitalizes Amazon Warehouse Workers
During the busiest time of year, a canister was punctured by an auto…
Google Chrome Is Poised to Swallow the Internet
There's one less competitor standing between Chrome and total domina…
The Everything Workshop
From bombs to boats to building anything he can dream of on a 3D pri…
multiple deep farms nottingham
Abandoned Coal Mines Could Be Future of Farming
So-called "deep farms" need vertical shafts close to towns. Coal min…
waste water treatment plant yazoo river
Bacteria Could Transform Human Feces and Wastewater Into Energy

Purple bacteria just needs an electric shock to transform human waste.

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energy vault hypothetical tower
Towering Gravity-Based 'Batteries' Are Coming to India

What goes up when there's extra power comes down when there's not enough.

This Modern-Day Computer Bug Dates Back to 1974

Decades of history are hiding behind one little dialog box.

Hong KongâZhuhaiâMacau Bridge, China
China Opens Gargantuan 34-Mile Mega Bridge

The bridge will connect the country's "Greater Bay Area," which is already home to 67 million people.

skywater generator
This Carbon-Negative Generator Makes Drinkable Water out of Thin Air

The WEDEW won an XPrize for its ability to produce 900 gallons of water in a day.

How Veterans Are Building a New Economy by Never Leaving Anyone Behind
Startups and incubators are helping veterans survive the return to civilian life the same way they did at war: by never leaving anyone …
The World of 2045
In which we, the 2018 staff of Seniorhelpline, asked the smartest engineers and futurists for their visions of future cities, and bu…
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solar panel car india
Renewable Energy Will Grow Massively Across The Globe by 2023, Says IEA Report

When a new energy source is needed, it's more and more likely people will look at renewables.

The Empire State Building Reimagined in 9 Different Architectural Styles

New York’s iconic tower has been representing Art Deco since it opened in 1931, but what else could it have looked like?

waymo cars big rigs
A Solo Engineer Challenged a Waymo Self-Driving Patent—And Won

Eric Swildens stepped into the middle of one of Silicon Valley's toughest legal battles and came out on top.

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tsunami indonesia 2018
Indonesia's Tsunami Warning System Hasn't Been Operational Since 2012

Lack of funding meant warning buoys have been left without the ability to function.

Putting A.I. Smarts Into 3D Printers Will Let the Navy Build Any Part, Anywhere—Even Outer Space
The drive to push 3D printing into the field is getting a boost from an unexpected ally — artificial intelligence that can monitor robo…
How to Play the Text Adventure Hidden in Google's Homepage

Who knows how long this easter egg has been hidden here.

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