You Can Drive This Trash Robot Via the Internet

AltruBots are designed to let anyone chip in and help clean up our world's waterways.

The Robot That Helped Battle the Notre Dame Blaze

Its name is Colossus, and it's a new breed of a firefighter.

An AI Beat the Top Humans at a Modern Video Game
Startup OpenAI spent years developing an AI that could play the clas…
boston dynamics handle robot
Boston Dynamics New Bot Picks Up Packages

Not a robotic dog, but possibly just as scary.

A First Look at Disney's Star Wars Animatronics
Fifty-five years of animatronics, from Pirates of the Caribbean to p…
algorithm photo html
Left to Their Own Devices, Pricing Algorithms Resort to Collusion

Two sample algorithms reached the same conclusion naturally: They should collude.

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marty giant supermarket robot
Googly-Eyed Robots Are Coming to Hundreds of Grocery Stores

Marty won't take human jobs, its parent company insists.

Praying Mantis
DARPA Wants to Turn Insect Brains into Robot Brains

Instead of basing our artificial intelligence on ourselves, DARPA is experimenting with something a bit simpler.

digging drone
The Drones Are Drilling Holes Now

The sky just wasn't enough.

iceworm climbing robot
NASA's Robotic Worm Could Someday Climb Alien Ice Spikes

The ice-climbing bot can go places humans can't.

Dancing Robot at Russian Event Turns Out to Be a Man in a Costume

He attempted to do 'The Robot' but is not an actual robot, sadly.

brain corp robot
Walmart Buys Over 300 Aisle-Cleaning Robots

Get ready for to share the aisles with robots.

Toyota's Remote-Control Humanoid Robot Is Uncanny

T-HR3 is designed for healthcare, not for fighting (yet).

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Scientists Build Underwater Jumping Robot

The robot is designed to understand how animals like whales and dolphins breach the water's surface.

The Best Robotics Kits for Kids

Looking for a great gift? These fun, hands-on STEM kits are perfect for curious kids.

Inspired by Wasps, This Micro-Drone Lifts 40 Times Its Weight

Opening doors, carrying water bottles: a tiny drone called FlyCroTug uses the secrets of nature to get the job done.

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graphene dots
It Just Got Easier to Make Hordes of Blood Cell-Sized Robots All at Once

A new system of production makes mass production of tiny robots a snap.

preferred network human service robot
The Robots Are Coming—To Clean Up Your Disgusting Room

They'll create an encyclopedia of all your stuff and then clean it up.


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