Eric Limer

Eric Limer

Deputy Editor

The Price of Netflix Is Going Up

The price hike from $11 to $13 takes effect immediately.

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This Brilliant Home Assistant Add-On Makes Eavesdropping Completely Impossible

It works with your always listening gadget, but also against it, all for your benefit.

Tech Companies Shouldn't Make Us Trust Them, At All

The giants of tech can't be trusted—and we shouldn't have to trust them in the first place.

Yes! Bring on the Wacky Convertable Gaming Laptops

When it comes to a big heavy gaming rig, this absurd stuff kind of makes sense.

chevy bolt ev
Not Just Tesla: GM Is Reportedly About to Lose Its EV Tax Credit Too

GM has reportedly sold its 200,000th EV, which means the credit is due to disappear.

FCC Clears Google's Bonkers Radar Motion Tech

Project Soli's radar-based motion tracking tech now has the official mandate to use the radio spectrum it needs.

London Gatwick Airport Closed After Drones Spotted In Airspace
Gatwick Airport Shut Down Due to 'Deliberate' Drone Interference
The rogue drone has shut down the British airport for six hours, and officials say no flights will land or depart for at least two more…
This Booby-Trapped Package Is a Porch Pirate's Worst Nightmare

Glitter, fart spray, and live video of all of it.

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Programming Doomsday: How an Apocalypse Simulator Murdered Me Repeatedly and Sucked Me Into Its Code

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is stunning, sprawling, cruel, addictive, and free.

CeBIT 2012 Technology Trade Fair
You Really Should Delete Your Google+ Account Right Now. But the Problem Is So Much Bigger Than Tha

You're boarding up a broken window, but your personal data is still inside that sketchy house.

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Google Chrome Is Poised to Swallow the Whole Internet

There's one less competitor standing between Chrome and total domination.

Finally, the Robots Are Turning Phone Calls Into Text Chats

A new way to evade those horrible robocalls? Fighting robots with robots.

The New Google Fi Is the Perfect Excuse to Dump Your Crummy Mobile Carrier

After years in beta, Google's wireless service is launching for real and even coming to iPhones.

Cryptocurrency 2018
Bitcoin Plunges to a Year-Long Low

After delirium inducing highs this time last year, the climate-destroying cryptocurrency is at a 2018 low.

The Newest $25 Raspberry Pi Is the End of an Era

The legendary "classic" Raspberry Pi has reached the end of the road.

The Creepiest, Spying-est Gifts to Not Buy This Year

Mozilla has ranked a few dozen potential gifts by their dedication to privacy and, surprise, there are more than a few to avoid.

The Only Good Part of the Internet Is Coming Back

The successor to Vine, byte, is set to launch next year.

Report Accuses Tesla of Denying Care to Workers to Keep Official Injury Counts Low

Sources say the practices to keep official injury counts low at Musk's company are unethically extreme.

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