Here Are All the New Features of the F-35

Longer range, the ability to control drone swarms, and tons of secret stuff will go into the next version of the fighter.

russian energy
Report: The U.S. Hacked Russia's Electrical Grid

President Trump denies the accusations.

Hypersonic Missile Would Travel Faster Than Mach 5

It's designed to minimize the reaction time of enemy air defenses.

France Unveils Next-Generation Fighter Jet

FCAS will replace the Rafale as Europe’s frontline fighter.

NASA air force
House Committee Approves Space Corps

Once mocked, the bipartisan proposal is now closer to reality.

Watch 43 Marine Corps Aircraft Take Off Together in an Elephant Walk

It's a display of U.S. military strength and readiness.

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Two Oil Tankers Attacked in the Middle East, U.S. Destroyer Rescues Crew

The perpetrators of the attack, which allegedly included at least one torpedo, are unknown.

Captured U-Boat
The One Time a German U-Boat Wound Up in New York City’s Central Park

The mighty UC-5 went from terror of the deep to an amusement for park goers.

U.S. Air Force Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird.
What It Was Like To Fly the SR-71 Blackbird

A veteran pilot and docent at the National Air & Space Museum explains the intricacies of the fastest jet that ever flew.

Turns Out Buying a Chinese Knock-Off Predator Drone Is a Bad Idea

The country of Jordan is experiencing some serious buyer's remorse.

Sikorsky Will Build the President's New Marine One Helicopter

The VH-92A helicopter will carry the President of the United States and his entourage.

An F-35 Pilot Gives a Play-by-Play of His Own Aerial Stunts

Andy “Dojo” Olson does a play by play of his 2019 Memorial Day weekend demonstration.

C-17 performs semi prepared runway operations flight
The U.S. Air Force Plans to 'Grow' Runways with Bacteria

Project Medusa plans to use biomanufacturing to grow military-grade runways using nothing more than dirt and microorganisms.

This Military Land Rover Truck Is a Refurbished Blast From the Past
Only 2669 of these trucks were made, all for the military. A super-clean example is up for sale in Idaho. It's ready to take you anywhe…
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C-2A Greyhound
Navy Recovers Lost Aircraft From Three Miles Below the Ocean's Surface

The salvage became the deepest ever attempted for an aircraft wreck.

Watch U.S. Army Rangers Scale The Same Cliff Their Forebears Did on D-Day

The scaling of the 100 foot cliff was thought of as crucial to the success of the Normandy invasion.

Joint Air Defense Exercise sharpens skills, strengthens partnerships
Fewer Than Ten U.S. B-1 Bombers Are Ready for Action

A lack of resources has grounded scores of the big bombers.

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How the D-Day Invasion Was Planned

In the August 1944 edition of Seniorhelpline, we explained how the Allies planned the greatest invasion in history.

World War II. Preparations for
How Astronomy Was Crucial to Planning D-Day

When you're fighting a World War, even the moon becomes a logistical problem.

North Korea's Latest Nuclear Test Was More Powerful Than We Thought

The 2017 nuclear test was up to two thirds more powerful than the U.S. intelligence community estimated.

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