Chinese Hypersonic Vehicle Could Be Future Missile

The hypersonic vehicle appears similar to an American hypersonic weapon development project, HAWC.

Belgorod nuclear submarine launched in Severodvinsk
Russia Launches the World’s Longest Submarine
The Belgorod will carry out underwater spy missions and launch Posei…
U.S.: China Won’t Find Lost F-35 First
The American and Japanese governments are marshaling forces to recov…
This Flying Aircraft Carrier Looks Dangerous

Don’t get too excited. It’s actually just a kite.

Blue Angels Air Show Live
The Blue Angels Are Getting New Jets
The world-famous acrobatic team is transitioning from older Hornets …
Watch the Air Force Jump-Start a B-52's Engines With Explosive Charges

The B-52 Stratofortress bomber can use explosive cartridges to jump start its engines.

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Missile Defense Agency Expected To Test Missile
The Pentagon Is Making the Number of U.S. Nukes a Secret Again

The size of the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal is once again a state secret. Why?

F-35 'pushes the envelope'
Here's What Outgoing USAF Secretary Says the Air Force Needs To Do To Win the Future
"Future advantage will go to those who create the best technologies and who integrate and field them in creative operational ways that …
Thanks to F-35 Tech, V-280 Tiltrotor Pilots Will See in All Directions

The aircraft will use an omnidirectional camera system pioneered on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Stricken Destroyer USS Fitzgerald Leaves Drydock

The guided missile destroyer was involved in a 2017 collision that killed ten sailors and badly damaged the ship.

All-Seeing HD Cameras Could Solve Tanks' Biggest Weakness

The BAE Systems Multifunction Vehicle Protection Sensor gives tankers a high definition, 360 degree view from their tank.

Mil Mi-26T2V helicopter presented in Moscow Region, Russia
Russia Is Still Selling the World’s Largest Helicopter, 40 Years After First Flight

The Mi-26 “Halo” can lift up to 22 tons or more than a hundred people.

I Was a Green Beret. Then I Tried to Reinvent the Tourniquet.

The story of U.S. Patent Number 9,168,044.

Watch a Marine Corps Helicopter Lift Another Marine Helicopter

The Marines can take care of their own damaged helicopters, thank you very much.

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Norway’s Ruined Frigate Is Afloat Again and It Doesn't Look Good

Helge Ingstad is floating on its own but officials are doubtful it can return to service.

Disrupting the Pentagon: Can the Air Force Learn To Think Like a Startup?

At open offices across the country, the USAF is embracing its newfound love of disruption and innovation.

3ABCT equipment going green for Atlantic Resolve
How the Army Plans to Hide the Heat Signatures of Soldiers and Tanks

New equipment will prevent soldiers from being spotted at night.

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The B-21 Stealth Bomber Is Almost Ready to Fly

The B-21 Raider will replace the B-1B Lancer and B-2 Spirit as America’s leading heavy bomber.

How to Storm a Castle

Just a few suggestions for any Iron Throne wannabes.

Hydrofoil Ferrying Passengers Between Islands
The Navy Accidentally Shares Video of Secret Hydrofoil Project

The ship was accidentally revealed on YouTube, naturally.