venus flytap


Cybrog Botanists Control Venus Flytraps With Apps

Ever wish you could control a Venus flytrap with an app?

The Benefits of Being Born With Extra Fingers

Polydactyly may prove much more useful than previously thought.

crispr genetics
Russian Scientist Wants To Edit Infant Genes

“I think I’m crazy enough to do it,” says Denis Rebrikov.

This Tiny Island Is the Epicenter of Green Tech
With an insignificant GDP and an isolated location, China’s tropical…
Whoa, Look at This 40,000-Year-Old Wolf Head
The Ice Age-era beast was found in Siberia with well-preserved fur, …
noaa subduction
Pangea Gave Us Modern Oceans

The ancient land mass didn't just change land. The oceans were never the same after it was gone.

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Opal Miner Unearths New Species of Dinosaur

This Australian man's curiosity saved the specimen from being destroyed.

Alleged Photo of Bigfoot
The FBI Just Released Bigfoot’s Official File

For the first time, take a peek inside the Bureau’s investigation into Sasquatch.

christie's wine bottles
This Shipwrecked Wine from the 17th Century Can Be Yours

But scientists say you probably shouldn't drink it.

nasa giss earth study
NASA's Climate Data Extremely Accurate, Says NASA

A careful examination shows that the space agency is right: Earth is warming because of people.

Slave ship of the African coast, slave trade
The Last American Transatlantic Slave Ship Has Been Found

A long search has finally led to the Clotilda, which landed in Alabama in 1860.

The Future of Medicine Lives in Your Gut

Dozens of biotech companies are targeting your microbiome to create a whole new class of drugs.

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french african volcano
Where Did This Massive Underwater Volcano Come From?

It's been giving a tiny African island headaches since last year. Scientists still don't know what it means.

former physical kilogram
Why the World's Measuring Systems Just Changed—and What It Means

"If you tell aliens that our units of measurement are based on a hunk of metal, you will be the laughingstock of the galaxy."

Humans Broke Up with Neanderthals Much Longer Ago Than We Thought

A big study analyzes dental records and finds a surprisingly early split in Europe.

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Kenya's New Museum Will Pay Homage to Our Ancient Heritage

But it needs to raise $7 million in order to break ground in 2022.

24 Amazing Animals That Are Almost Extinct

It's not too late, but the future looks bleak for these species.

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